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How does the Oncology Works ?

Cancer can be treated in several ways and often treatments are also combined. Which treatment is applied differs from patient to patient. The three most commonly used treatments are: surgery (i.e. via a surgical procedure), radiotherapy (i.e. via radiation) and medicinal (i.e. via medicines).

Surgical cancer treatment

Oncology surgery is surgery performed when a cancer is diagnosed. Oncological surgery is highly specialized. Depending on the organ affected, another specialist will be consulted to ensure optimal treatment.

Cancer treatment via radiotherapy

Radiation therapy is the medical treatment technique that works with radiation.

Cancer treatment with medication

Medical oncology mainly deals with the drug treatment of cancer. This includes four major categories:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Hormonal treatments
  • Molecular treatments, in which a specific process in the tumor cell is disrupted
  • Immunotherapy, including vaccinations that enhance the host's activity against the cancer

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