Dr.Nitin Singhal

The certified Mch Surgical oncologist

  • From one of the Worlds most renowned cancer training hospital - Tata memorial Mumbai.
  • I have extensive training and interest in the field of Gynaec onco surgeries including advanced surgeries like cytoreductive surgeries, redo cytoreduction, HIPEC, Pelvic exenterations for recurrent cancers, along with my interests in all complex urooncosurgeries including Radical cystoprostatectomies,neobladder, Retroperitoneal sarcomas retroperitoneal Lymph node dissection Kidney sparing surgeries in kidney cancer and complex adrenal masses and pelvic masses.
  • In addition, I have a particular interest in all kinds of colorectal surgeries, breast surgery, head and neck surgery, and upper gastrointestinal (stomach, esophagus) surgeries.
  • I have received extensive training in treating recurrent cases involving Robotic Surgery and HIPEC, as well as all kinds of complex colorectal surgeries that save sphincters.
  • I also had the privilege to get trained in thoracic cancers including complex chest wall masses resection and pediatric solid tumor resections.
  • Till date i have Performed more than 3000 cancer surgeries including the various complex surgeries. Oncologist in ahmedabad , Onco Surgeon in Ahmedabad

Had Created a record for surgically removing the heaviest kidney tumor and has been awarded by the India Book of Records.

It is noteworthy that Dr.nitin Singhal & team has successfully removed a 3.1 kg Wilm’s Tumor from the left kidney of a 3-year-old child and given him a new life. After this life-saving surgery, a claim was registered in the India Book of Records. It was thoroughly scrutinized by the India Book of Records team. Then after this successful surgery attempt honors and he was given final approval for the award.
We and our team were able to do it successfully. One and a half years after the surgery, the child is now living a normal life like any other child.

Interview About This Record Making Surgery.

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