An interesting case of dual malignancy (CA ovary and RCC) in a 71-year-old female

TThis patient was diagnosed with CA ovary and RCC. After 3 months, she received neoadjuvant chemotherapy with no significant response post-chemo. Considering dual malignancy and no treatment being offered to RCC all this while and it being technically possible to remove the entire disease, it was decided to go ahead with this major surgery after discussing all the options with the family and treating oncologist.

The patient underwent a supermajor resection with total parietal peritonectomy, omentectomy, subtotal colostomy, hysterectomy, bilateral adnexa and lymph node dissection, and left partial nephrectomy.

The patient recovered well post-op, was discharged, and is doing well now. Final histopathology: PD serous ca ovary with minimal response to chemotherapy and grade 3 RCC with all clear margins

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