A case of recurrent granulosa cell tumor ( type of ovarian cancer) in a 60 year female who had been operated thrice elsewhere in last 1.5 years for the same and everytime she underwent an incomplete surgery and was given several lines of chemotherapy. She had come to as with a large mass 30 x28 x 25 cm and alarge incisional hernia and was told by several people it is not treatable as it was a complex case and would have required multivisceral resections along with multiple adhesions due to previous surgeriesWe did a successful surgery and removed the mass en block which was around 7 kg and required 4 bowel anastomosis jejunojejunal,ileojejunal,ileoileal and colorectal

The patient is absolutely fine now and as per histology reports mass is completely excised granulosa cell tumor adult type and patient would not be requiring any systemic therapy. This case highlights the need to understand that granulosa cell tumors the treatment is complete surgical excision even if it's a complex one because they dint respond to chemotherapy and radiation and a complete surgical excision has the potential of not only treating but curing the cancer

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