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Tonsils come in a pair located at the back of your throat in an area known as the oropharynx. Their role is to help fight infection. Cancer can develop in your tonsils. Tonsil cancer is classified as head and neck cancer, throat cancer, and oropharynx cancer. Find Tonsil Cancer Surgeon ?
Tonsil cancer can develop even in people who’ve had their tonsils removed because a small piece of tonsil tissue may be left behind.

Tonsil cancer symptoms
Many people with tonsil cancer may not notice any symptoms even after they’re diagnosed. – Best Tonsil Cancer Surgeon in Udaipur

The number one symptom of tonsil cancer is having one tonsil larger than the other. Another common symptom is a persistent sore throat. Symptoms depend on the size of the cancer. It’s not uncommon for the first symptom to be a lump in the neck.
Other symptoms may include:

  • hoarseness or a change in your speaking voice
  • fatigue
  • unexplained weight loss
  • ear pain, especially on only one side
  • difficulty swallowing or opening your mouth
  • bleeding from your mouth

Having one or more of these symptoms doesn’t mean you have tonsil cancer. Several noncancerous problems cause the same symptoms. - Tonsil Cancer Surgeon in Udaipur
But it’s important to see a specialist if you have a tonsil infection that doesn’t get better with antibiotics or unexplained ear pain that doesn’t go away. Doctors who specialize in problems in the ear, nose, and throat are called ENTs, or otolaryngologists.

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