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I am a certified MCH surgical oncologist from one of the world's most renowned cancer training hospitals, Tata Memorial Mumbai. I have extensive training and interest in the field of Gi cancer surgeries like colon (large intestine) and rectal cancer, including stoma (stool bag) prevention surgeries. Complex surgeries for pancreas, liver, stomach, esophagus (food pipe) including laproscopic and robotic (keyhole surgeries), Thoracic surgeries like cancer of the lung and chest including laproscopic (vats) surgery, Gynaec onco surgeries including advanced surgeries like cytoreductive surgeries, redo cytoreduction, HIPEC, and pelvic exenterations for recurrent cancers, along with my interests in all complex urooncosurgeries including radical cystoprostatectomies, neobladder,  retroperitoneal sarcomas, retroperitoneal lymph node dissection Kidney sparing surgeries in kidney cancer and complex adrenal masses and pelvic masses.

Dr. Nitin Singhal

Robotic cancer surgery

Robotic cancer surgery, also called robot-assisted surgery, allows doctors to perform many types of complex procedures with more precision, flexibility and control than is possible with conventional techniques. Robotic cancer surgery is usually associated with minimally invasive surgery — procedures performed through tiny incisions. It is also sometimes used in certain traditional open surgical procedures.

The most widely used clinical robotic surgical system includes a camera arm and mechanical arms with surgical instruments attached to them. The surgeon controls the arms while seated at a computer console near the operating table. The console gives the surgeon a high-definition, magnified, 3D view of the surgical site. The surgeon leads other team members who assist during the operation.

Often, Robotic cancer surgery makes minimally invasive surgery possible. The benefits of minimally invasive surgery include:

  • Fewer complications, such as surgical site infection
  • Less pain and blood loss
  • Shorter hospital stay and quicker recovery
  • Smaller, less noticeable scars

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